Aromas for Healing


Evidence-based Clinical Aromatherapy Nursing Consultations $42/televisit  

(Prenatal, Aromatic ChildbirthTM and Postpartum aromatherapy consultations)     





Courses and GuideBook 
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Practitioner course 8:30-4:30 EST March 19th

"Evidence Based OB Aromatherapy course for OB Nurses, Nurse Midwives, NP, Doulas and Certified Midwives" 8 hr Live online 8CE ACNM approved $125 includes evidence based guidebook  Fri March 19th 2021 English with Spanish subtitles

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Practitioner course

"Women’s Health Clinically Evidence Based OB Aromatherapy (Prenatal-Childbirth-Postpartum) course for Maternity Nurses, Midwives, Doulas and Therapists" 8 hr online 8CE ACNM approved $125 includes evidence based guidebook (Ebook outside of US)

(Exchanges only for future class)





Clinical Therapeutics (Wellspring pharmacy)

Nursing Aromatherapy consults 


Nursing Aromatherapy Wellspring "Aches and Pains" 

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Nursing Aromatherapy Antiviral "Colds and Flu"  (Wellspring)

Nursing Aromatherapy Runners Relief™ lotion  (Wellspring)




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